Ford 150 f Design

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 by admin # Ford, Ford Truck

Ford 150 with a very charming appearance, powerful engine that makes the action so intense. Cars like this is very suitable for a very brave man. This car engine in familiar with the machine that is strong enough in comparison with others.
If you forgot your notes fairly flat exhaust, will be easy to confuse EcoBoost V-6 to V-8 engine big and strong. We drove a few models of the F-150, as well as competitive trailer trucks, both empty and trailers weighing up to 6700 pounds and looks EcoBoost feel strong and never looked out of breath. Ford says 90 percent of engine torque is on tap from 1700 rpm to 5000. We observed that the new turbos spool quickly and simply give a little whistle under load.

Acceleration is almost diesel-like in their rigidity, and the truck has more than enough as a reserve for overtaking maneuvers, even with the trailer behind. Able to attract £ 11,300 or a 3060-bed to bring the best, both for the F-150 Ford EcoBoost have a trailer with ease, and whistled softly in top gear at the skyway.

All F-150S, except those with 6.2-liter V-8 get electrically assisted power steering for 2011, which is a new beginning for a truck-sized. This configuration is more efficient than the hydraulic system and makes low speed maneuvers easier but offers zero in the way they feel. With little new for 2011, F-150 in contrast discs as before, a solid and smooth, but not skilled as the Rams 1500, which won our last comparison test pickups in 2009.