Alfa Romeo “Spider”

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 by admin # Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Spider, Cars for the pursuer’s dream woman. Special car for the man who wanted to get their ideal woman, with women driving this car must immediately give special attention to the male owner of the Alfa romeo spider car.

Alfa Romeo Spider car has a perfect design for each couple, with a color that is so exotic and scope that is so close in the car, so people feel comfortable being in it.

Today Pininfarina concept car is driving an Alfa Romeo Spider (not so fast, please, there’s only one, you know) and about the complex southeast of Pininfarina in Turin. You get the idea loud and clear, of course. Where is the Fiat Group Automobiles Inc. finally learn to make the Alfa Romeo as head of Audi or BMW sell, Pininfarina, of the projected image, such as Alfa Romeo 2ettottanta should be a key element of the product mix.

See below layers of paint and bright red not a surprise. We did a whole body just to make sure that we were told that it was true, and truth Pininfarina 2ettottanta made of wood. Applewood, to be precise – a machine, shaped and polished.

This is a nice touch, because the traditional way of preparing the body panels in aluminum foil in Turin have been beaten like the way wood (sometimes only a tree stump), which is the asymmetrical appearance of some of the most sexy Italian sports car of all time. Fiat platform from an undisclosed source under his body and wheelbase measures 98.4 inches, or just inches shorter than the current Alfa Spider that runs in front wheel drive platform Alfa Romeo 159.