2013 Hyundai Eon is a Super Cheap Car

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 by admin # Hyundai
2013 Red Hyundai Eon Front View

2013 Hyundai Eon Front View

2013 Hyundai Eon has a new concept that is very interesting and different from before, this time they designed a new vairian environmentally friendly and very cheap. With a very low price, you can have a car that has many advantages. You can see that the exterior design of the 2013 Hyundai Eon is very minimalist and elegant. This car has 3 variants to choose from according to your taste. Variants include: + D-Lite, Era and Magna + +. All variants of the 2013 Hyundai Eon has many advantages and can make you become more comfortable when it is in this car.

This was caused by a variety of interior features that have been designed on this car. Each variant has different features. There is one thing that distinguishes 2013 Hyundai Eon with the previous output is that this car uses LPG fuel. This is what makes this car more environmentally friendly, this car is very suitable for use in urban areas, because it can reduce CO2 emissions. The difference of variants D-Lite is all the interior is made of the same color, has been equipped air conditioning, power steering and transmission indicator.

2013 Red Hyundai Eon Back View

2013 Red Hyundai Eon Front View

You’ll be more comfortable when it is in this car. As for the variants Era and Magna, all accessories equal to the type D Lite, but there are a few different things such as central locking, double-din audio and USB and Bluetooth equipped devices.But you do not need to worry, though this car has many advantages, the price given to the 2013 Hyundai Eon is approximately 298 thousand-342 Rupees. This is a very cheap price. This car is a car produced by Hyundai India, one of the leading auto makers in India. Under the roof, the car is equipped with 3-cylinder engines 814 cc and 2013 Hyundai Eon will produce power 55 hp and torque 76.5 Nm.

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